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Do you ship to Canada?
Yes. We ship to Canada and our same-day shipping still applies.

What currency is reflected in your pricing?
All pricing are shown in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Can I contact a representative directly to inquire about an order?
Yes. To speak with a sales representative please email us at Sales@BreezyBadge.com 

Do you accept payments by check?
Yes. During checkout simply select "Check" as your payment method and your order will ship immediately after your check arrives at our office and the funds are cleared.

Can I be Invoiced for my order?
Yes. Please send an email request to Sales@BreezyBadge.com and a sales representative will assist in finalizing your order. Once your order is completed, you will be placed on NET 30 Invoicing.

I lost my Promo Code. Can I receive another code?
Absolutely. Simply email us at Sales@Breezybadge.com and request you new Code. 

How long do your Sales Events last?
It depends. Usually, we offer Monthly Sales Events that offer automatic discounts lasting for the given month. However, some Sales Events may last only two weeks. Joining our mailing list will assure that you never miss any of our huge sales.

How do I receive a Printing Template?
Simply email us at Sales@BreezyBadge.com with your desired Template sizes and your Template will be sent immediately. 


To receive your Printing Template, simply add the Template to your cart (under the "Build A Badge Package" tab), then proceed to checkout. Fill out the customer information, then select "Email My Template" as a payment option. You will NOT be charged for the Template.
Can I order a sample by email?
Yes. You can send us an email to Sales@BreezyBadge.com. Simply specify your badge size, badge color, fastener type, and any other request you may have. We provided immediate responses.

How soon will my sample ship?
Your sample will ship the same day of request. It will ship via USPS Mail. This service arrives to most US locations within 2-3 business days. For Canadian locations, your sample will ship via USPS Mail. This service arrives at most locations in 6-10 business days. If you require expedited shipping, please contact us and we will gladly assists. Sales@BreezyBadge.com 

Will I receive any other emails after joining your Mailing List?
No. Your information is kept confidential. The only emails you will ever receive will be Sales Events updates and Coupon Codes.

What are the necessary components needed for me to Build My Own Badge Package?
1) The Badge Plate-The Lens Cover is included (You choose the Size, Color, and Quantity)
2) The Fastener (We offer Magnets as well as a variety of Pin Fasteners)
3) The Printing Template (Free with your badge purchase. Downloadable Email File)

Do I need the Printing Template?
No. The Printing Template is optional. It provides you with a template for your corresponding badge size and can be used in MS Word or MS PowerPoint. We provide it for free with your purchase.

How do I receive my Printing Template?
A Printing Template can be emailed to you as a downloadable MS Word or PowerPoint attachment. Simply contact one of our sales representatives and we will provide immediate assistance. Sales@BreezyBadge.com

What size Name Badge Plates do you offer and how many prints are on a typical 8.5" x 11" Insert Sheet?
     We offer seven differently sized badges to fit your needs. 
      -Medium (1 x 3)------------20 Prints
      -Medium Plus (1.5 x 3)-----12 Prints
      -Oval (2.57 x 1.70)-------- 10 Prints
      -ID Size (3.37 x 2.125)-----8 Prints
      -Small (2.0 x 0.5)-----------26 Prints
      -Small Oval (1.9 x 1.26)----12 Prints
      -Thin Oval (2.75 x .95)-----14 Prints

How do your Magnets work and how strong are they?
Our Magnets are comprised of two parts. One part is a metal plate with an adhesive backing that attaches to your Name Badge. The other part is the actual magnet that adheres to the metal plate. Our Magnets have Triple-Disk Fasteners that will hold your Name Badge firmly on any typical shirt, blouse, sweater or blazer lapel.

What color badge plates do you offer?
We provide badge plates in Silver, Gold, and White.

What type of metal are your badge plates?
Our badge plates are made from high-quality aluminum assuring that your badge is sturdy and light-weight. When protected by the shatterproof dome cover, our badges are guaranteed to not bend, scratch or fade or we will replaced the plate for FREE.  

Will the price change if I change my name badge size?
No. The price ranges offered remains the same regardless of the size chosen. The more you buy the more you save.

How many samples can I order?
You can order one sample per each size and color. Fastener samples are also an option. We want you to have complete certainty in the quality of our product before you purchase. For those requesting more specific sample requests, please email your request to Sales@BreezyBadge.com and your sample will be immediately shipped to you.

How soon will my order ship?
Although we strive to process and ship ALL orders the same day of purchase, we recommend finalizing your purchase before 4:30 PM EST to ensure your package is shipped the day of purchase. Any order received after 4:30 PM EST is subject to being shipped the following business day. The same applies for FREE samples. Our overall focus is same-day shipping!